About Me.

Given you have navigated to my about page, I guess you are looking for a freelance graphic designer to help with your branding, marketing materials and design for print. If you have already looked at my portfolio, you may even be on the brink of hiring me so let me tell you more about my qualifications and what I can do for you – just to put your mind at ease.

My name is Richard James. That’s what the J stands for in my web address. I live in Norwich, Norfolk and have been designing for businesses since 2006. Back then I was working for marketing agencies, but decided to become a freelance graphic designer in 2015. Welcome to my new chapter.

I have had an interest in art and design since I was child. It was my strongest subject at school - and thus my favourite. Growing up in the digital age naturally steered me towards graphic design and this is the path I pursued into further education, first with a BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design from Great Yarmouth College, then on to DeMontfort University in Leicester where I emerged three drink-fuelled years later with a BA (Hons) degree in Multimedia Design.

After University I returned to Norwich and landed a nice little job with a print company designing estate agency brochures to promote their high-end properties. It was here that I was able to develop everything I had learned in Uni and hone my skills in a professional environment. Although I did not realise it at the time, the job enabled me to lay foundations that would stand me in good stead to become a freelance graphic designer.

For the following decade I worked with several advertising agencies where I gained valuable experience designing marketing materials for print and digital publications, trade shows, advertising boards, brochures, editorial layouts and websites. During this time, I worked on dozens of projects with companies from all corners of the globe which helped to shape my understanding of consumer psychology.

Before becoming a freelancer, my final piece of experience was as a graphic designer in Norwich where I worked on developing brand designs for companies across the UK. It would prove to be the final slice of knowledge pie that would set me on my way to becoming a professional freelance graphic designer. And here I am.

My Work Process.

The best brands designs resonate with an audience on an emotional level. And not just any audience. Customers that have value to you. Consumers steer towards brands they need or they feel reflect their own personality and ideals.  So, as you would expect from any freelance graphic designer worth their grain, I have a work process to ensure I obtain the information I need, in order to understand my clients, their audience and the design solutions that work best for them.

If you want to work with a freelance graphic designer in Norwich, get in touch. But you don’t have to be from Norfolk to work with me, the beauty of being a freelance graphic designer in the digital age is I can work with clients from all over the world. Let’s talk.

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